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Classroom Layout


The layout of a classroom is integral to student success. This is actually the layout of my current classroom.  I would not change it at all.  I think it is a perfect layout for all learners. The reality is, my classroom is HUGE and therefore this may not be possible in a different room. I have one student with a mobility issue and another with a visual impairment. This layout works for them because there is a lot of space to move around and everything is organized so that they know where to go to get what they need.

·         The Teachers desk is located where she can see computer screens, locker area outside of room and the entire classroom.

·         Students are situated in groups of 4 with 3 groups of 2.  These groupings allow for social growth and strategic seating plans are in place. The desks are in front of the chalkboard and projector screen so that students can see notes, diagrams etc.

·         The reading area is the students’ favourite place.  It is the “silent” part of the room.  In the reading area there is a large shelving unit full of books.  There are anchor charts on the wall to help students with selecting just right texts.  There is also a book sign-out system in effect. In this area, students can sit on the couch, chairs or on the carpet.  To avoid conflicts, there is a rotation schedule for the reading area.

·         The listening station is where audio books of the guided reading novels are.  Students can go there to listen to the text while the follow along with the book. 

·         The Writing and Revising Station is located near the computers and the Teacher so that students have easy access to resources.

·         The Small Group Discussion table is located farther away from the student desks to reduce noise and distractions.

·         Computers and Scanners are farther away to reduce distractions. They are near the Teachers desk so that the Teacher can monitor the screens.

·         The room is well laid out with ample room for moving around.
















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