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Evaluating Resources



When evaluation resources for my classroom, whether text or web, I would use the same checklist.


  1. Scope: Is this text what you need? Does it focus on my expectations?
  2. Audience: Who was this written for? Will it be appropriate for this grade level?
  3. Timeliness: How current is this information? When was it published and how often is it updated?
  4. Authority: Who wrote this? Do they have the education/credentials to be publishing this information? Have they written other materials on the same topic?
  5. Documentation: Is there a bibliography or footnotes?
  6. Objectivity: Is the information presented one person’s point of view? Is there evidence of bias?




Critical Evaluation of Resources


Evaluating Web Pages:  Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask


Queen’s University’s Guide: Evaluating Web Information.


Spiegel, Dixie Lee October 1990.  Materials for integrating science and social studies with the language arts.  The Reading Teacher  Vol.4 No. 2.


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