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Professional Plan



Explanation of Big Ideas


When instruction is focused on the Big Ideas, teachers are providing students with the ability to make connections between topics and learn math as a whole, rather than different strands that are unrelated. 

Focusing on the Big Ideas also ensures that the teacher is following the curriculum.


Big Ideas in Number Sense and Numeration are:

·        Quantity

·        Operational Sense

·        Relationships

·        Representation

·        Proportional Reasoning


It is important to focus units of study in the big ideas and the important skills and knowledge that are incorporated within those big ideas.


How Big Ideas connect to Fractions


Quantity – a whole can be divided into fractional parts

Operational Sense – 3+5=8 = 3/5 + 5/8 = 8/8 or 1 whole

Relationships – between parts and the whole

Representation – orally, visually, symbolically

Proportional Reasoning – generate new quantities




Big ideas are parts of a whole; you have to put them all together.


Principles for Instruction








EWorkshop Website





There are four sections to each module that are very helpful:

1. Overview of the strand (ex. Fractions)

2. Tell Me – Looks at concepts taught to students in the Junior grades. It describes effective lessons that help student understand important ideas/concepts.

3. Show Me – Demo class videos that support the strategies mentioned in the Tell Me section.

4. Let Me Try – Gives you the opportunity to apply what you have learned.


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