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Commitment to Students and Student Learning



Multiple Intelligences Lesson Plan

This lesson plan demonstrates my commitment to using educational philosophies to better meet the educational needs of my students.


Classroom Diagram

The layout of a classroom is very important when it comes to classroom management and student success.  This diagram shows that I use classroom space wisely so that everyone in the room benefits from the organization.


Learning Centres

Learning centres allow students the opportunity to explore new tasks in a fun and engaging way. Including it in this category reflect my ability to plan engaging activities that give students the ability to perform at their best.


Unit Outline

This unit plan demonstrates my knowledge of my students, the curriculum and the ability to plan units that are engaging.


Homework Policy Letter

This homework policy letter that is sent home in September demonstrates that students are aware of expectations from the first day of school.  Routines and clear expectations are important for students at the Junior level.